A Marketer's Intro to Crypto

Where the journey begins

-By Joe Papa

Director of Accounts, Digital Marketing, and Product Specialist

I have a broad background in marketing, most of our team does as well but I REALLY love to get into the numbers and geek-out with the new tech and all the fun stuff we can do to grow a business.

Passion is what makes people really great in their field, right?

When I heard about cryptocurrency I immediately felt like this was something I could get into. I mean: it’s new, it’s numbered and it’s tech, everything I have passion for.

Huge room for growth too, lots of opportunities, exciting!

So, yes, technically crypto and blockchain are numbers and tech…but that’s the key distinction: crypto is JUST numbers and JUST tech.

The newness was there, the opportunity to help with growth and nurturing in a totally new field was there but I couldn’t get into it because I couldn’t see the “why” behind the numbers and tech, it lost me.

Restarting my journey

Now that I’m part of the LaunchBrand team and immersed in the crypto community, I’m discovering the “why” and I’m learning all kinds of new stuff…it’s exciting…for me. Maybe you too?

I don’t want to bore you with another introduction to crypto, Google it.

What I do want to do is rehash some of the technology, some of the principles and some of the ideology through the eyes of our marketing team. We’ve seen some really interesting challenges and difficulties in marketing for crypto and other technical verticals like healthcare and surgical marketing.

Clear goals

Where do you start? What audiences do you target first? Should you go for more informational marketing to build a base or go for low hanging fruit, the “ready-to-buy” crypto seekers? I want to address some of those questions in this series as well.

The idea is to: see your world, through someone else’s eyes.

Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics, revisit your roots, and compare them to where we’re at today. The way I see it, my journey is similar to the journey that many of your customers, clients, and users will embark on.

As a marketer, I can view many of the events (struggles, discoveries, and research conducted) that happen along the way as what Google calls “micro-moments”. Micro-moments are moments that your brand can use to “be there and be useful”, solve problems, and provide knowledge. It’s the cumulation of these split-second decisions that ultimately cause someone to do business with you or not.

How-do-I-Get-Bitcoin? Can-I-Buy-Bitcoin-With-Credit-Card? Where-Do-I-Keep-Bitcoin? These are questions that veterans in the industry no longer think about BUT, your potential clients are still struggling with.

Where do we go from here?

I hope you find value in this and will join me in my “Marketer’s Introduction to Crypto” series.

One thing I learned so far about the Crypto Community is that it’s just that, a community. I love that. Everyone has been very helpful, keep up the good work!

And of course, if you want to discuss your business goals and how we can help you achieve them, let’s connect!

As I mentioned, I’m pretty new to all of this so if there is something inaccurate, call me out on it! We can connect on Facebook email Joe@LaunchBrand.com or call/text me (833) 225-5471 (ext 105).

-Written by Joe Papa- Director of Accounts, Digital Marketing, and Product Specialist

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