Why Building Your Own Website is Really a Recipe for Disaster.

The Short Version:

Do-It-Yourself Sites like WIX & 1&1 don’t offer crucial aspects of web design that businesses need to survive. DIY site builders are powerful illusions.

Lets be real. You’re not a professional, and Wix knows that. What a great money making idea though, right? Force average businesses owners who know nothing about digital marketing to build there own sites, give them decent looking templates, and let the illusion flourish. You want cost effective, visually stunning, and a quick turn around. Ok, so lets analyze this.

Wix isn’t cheap. Will you have your website for at least 5 years? If you pay monthly over at Wix for 5 years, you’re looking at a minimum of $1919.58! They provide cheap looking templates that hundreds of thousands of businesses owners are also using, how unoriginal! They only offer the illusion of progress. At Wix and 1&1, no one is giving you expert marketing, advertising, brand and positioning advice. You’re on your own! Scary, huh?

At Launchbrand, we are there for you, by your side, 100% of the way. We build true, custom and professional sites that look amazing and more importantly, actually help grow your business by building awareness, targeted marketing, search engine optimization and much more. We offer a la carte services that Wix and 1&1 don’t offer. We add them when you’re ready, and when budget permits. Wouldn’t you rather travel down the right path from the beginning?

Don’t Do-It-Yourself. Do It Professionally, with Launchbrand.

The Original Article:

Illusions of Productivity

Hidden Flaws and Empty Promises of DIY Website Builders

The universal understanding that all businesses need a great website to stay relevant has caused millions of small business owners alike to dive into the popular world of DIY, easy-to-use website builders. The billions of dollars spent inside these industries has given these companies substantial clout to expand commercially, furthering their  reach. Their promises of ease, control, and money saving glory has penetrated minds positively, allowing for their still continued expansion. To the untrained eye, these DIY builders seem like an easy solution for the average person to feel relevant and to exist online in a digital age. To the trained eye, however, these builders have huge hidden flaws that can end up delivering only the illusion of productivity and relevance. 

Patty Campbell, 34, a farmer by trade and owner of Organic Andover Pickles, LLC, chose the popular website builders WIX and 1&1 for running the online presence of her small homemade pickle company. 

“My sales were decent, but needed to be better to be sustainable. I was making dinner one night and heard a 1&1 My Website commercial on the television. I jotted down the information and within a few hours, had a fully customizable website. At first, it felt great. I knew I was existing online. I had a web address to give to people and to put on new business cards. I assumed that having traffic on my site where people could realize the importance my organic culture would help sales.”

Patty was probably right. Her message on the importance of organic local vegetables was important, and could have made an solid impact, had anyone typed in her specific business web address. Quite obviously, people looking for organic pickles are not going to search for “Organic Andover Pickles”, which would reveal Patty’s site. Instead, searchers are going to most commonly search “Organic Pickles”, or something equally general. Currently, this search results in the top listing of a company called Real Pickles. Real Pickles has a completely professional website, expert SEO consultants, and a strong AdWords budget of around $2,000.00 per month. This is why they are coming up first on Google, have real online visibility, and a contributing factor to their multi-million dollar revenue stream. 

Patty had a website, a web address, some decent content about her philosophy on organic culture, etc. If anyone ever found her website, they may have found her at a farmers market and made a purchase. What Patty, and millions of others alike lack, is a way to tell people about their site(s). A website means absolutely positively nothing if it sits lonesome on a server, not being promoted, updated, cross-checked against other content, with no search engine optimization or advertising support from something like Google AdWords. These small business owners inevitably end up paying the ultimate price by suffering from their mistaken illusions of progress. From the beginning, had they done the accurate research on the DIY builder, they may have found out important information. To the benefit of DIY Builders, properly preforming needed research is largely nonexistent and unexpected of the target, ignorant demographic. In this situation, ignorance is only bliss until small business owners realize no one is visiting their page. The specific downtime of productivity is the X-Factor. The larger number this x-factor grows to be, the worse of the user will feel once they realize the illusion. 

I will point out that DIY website builders do have minor search engine optimization features built in, but are not nearly enough to play ball with the real in-depth SEO plugins used buy professional builders and experts, which they are directly competing against for space on Google Results page one. 

What aggravates me, is the illusion these mega DIY builders lead ignorant consumers to believe. This illusion certainly leads business owners to make certain decisions for their company based on what they are expecting from a new web presence. Users should not be forced to find out the hard, long, and tedious way that what they have done is no wheres near enough until it has not worked for a year. This model of advertising is the age old Battery’s Not Included- missing link scam. An ad for a washer and dryer but the price is for only for one, or the camera, advertised at a low cost and later buyers find out this price lacks an essential lens. People have been falling for this process for years. A carefully constructed ad, strategically designed to dance around telling buyers exactly what they want to hear, while avoiding the most important truth. That very important truth is that visibility, is not included.

There are several things expert web designers can do that are out of the realm of drag and drop DIY site builders. Professional typically use a platform like WordPress to build their sites. WordPress is not a flash site like most DIY builder sites, as flash sites are largely dead and behind the times. Web sites need to be above all else, very functional across all platforms.

The source code of a site is important. With DIY builders, there is no real code for Google or other search engines to crawl. There is a pure HTML version that DIY builders send to search engines, but this is not the standard method of search engine crawling. HTML code is not SEO code. SEO has many layers and HTML alone does not dictate SEO. This means that search engine visibility (high importance) is sub par with DIY builders. 

All in all, it is not possible to create a fully functional, professional business website using DIY builders. Simply put, there are hundreds and thousands of functions that real web builders use, that are essential, that are rightfully not available to users who do not know how to use them. 

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