We Provide In-Depth Strategy, Data Building & Management Services for Google AdWords.

We are Certified Google Partners with a dedicated Google AdWords Advisory Team.

We Know What Works.

Our AdWords team at Launchbrand has been managing Google AdWords accounts for over 15 years. We have grown our knowledge, team and resources alongside Google’s own growth and platform development. We are confident there are no people in the world who can manage campaigns and extract meaningful and actionable business data the way that we can.  This is not optimism.

This is proven and warranted confidence. Ask to speak to our clients.

Bidding The Funnel.

Getting the perfect message in front of the right customer is critical. We create that. What is also critical (and often overlooked) is making sure to bid the correct amount for the potential customers level of proven interest. Let’s not over-complicated this. Think of it this way. You’re a back surgeon who is looking for people who want surgery. If the potential customer searches a transactional phrase, like “top back surgeons near me”, we want a higher allocated budget and bid strategy organized for that person than we do another customer who has demonstrated slightly less interest. When less interest is demonstrated, we want to target those groups with cheaper platforms, like Google AdWords Display Advertising, where they can become familiar with the brand at a lower cost and lower risk to the advertiser.  At Launchbrand. we call this “Bidding The Funnel”, and you would be shocked how many agencies pay no attention it.

Extract Actionable Data From Your Campaigns.

Google AdWords does a heck of a lot more than bring you targeted leads to grow your business. If managed properly, a good agency should be extrapolating organized data in an effort to grow the businesses knowledge of it’s customers, processes, and overall marketing strategy.

What We Do

Here are some of the more critical components of campaign management that we offer to our Google AdWords clients.

Strategy Building

Learning exactly what your business needs, and making sure the AdWords campaigns deliver on those goals.

Ad-Copy Writing & Testing

Never set and forget. Always test. Creative Ad-Copy needs to be continuously tested!

Landing Page Testing

Where you send traffic to is paramount. We are also web designers who are highly involved in the websites traffic is sent to.

Creative Brainstorming

AdWord is as much creative as it is technical. Our creative team discovers innovative ways to connect messaging to the target audience.

Data Analysis & Optimizations

Analyzing the data and optimizing the campaigns is a core part of our AdWords management services. 

Reporting & Target Analysis

Understanding and reporting on which location, demographic, income, and interest targeting performs the best is an essential aspect of advanced AdWord management. 

Let's Build. Now.

We’re not getting any younger. Let’s get working on building a successful Google AdWords campaign that will bring your business miles ahead of where it is today.

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