Strategic Planning and Marketing for Cryptocurrency Firms


Our LaunchCrypto Team has expertise in both the world of cryptocurrency and advertising. We are able to uniquely leverage our experience in financial markets including: real estate, retirement account providers, money exchangers and many other sectors. In addition, we offer consulting services for cryptocurrency related companies.

strategic advertising

We specialize in strategic marketing and advertising for a wide variety of crypto projects, businesses, and ICO’s. We establish clear goals and use a range of tools to increase targeted customer engagement and acquisitions. This all comes together in our propriety platform known as CryptoConnect. Learn more below.


Whether your organization is looking for users, clients, investors, developers or projects to partner with, our team is your source for growth. Our Audience Connection Program Program combines our decades of experience in building, analyzing, and cultivating audiences. We connect your goal to the correct audience.

Our team is truly part of the movement.

Our team has been highly involved in the world of cryptocurrency for over more than a decade.  Through many years of research, we have become more than marketers. We are personally invested in the evolution of the community, dedicating not only our resources but also our time to this movement. It has been very exciting to watch the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency community have the power to revolutionize the way we transact value. Cryptocurrencies have moved from the underground world of sub-Reddit’s, and into a space with regulated exchanges. Cryptocurrency projects that have attracted major institutional players have the power to revolutionize the way we transact value.

The Comfort To Focus On Your Goals While Knowing That Your Investment In Marketing Is Leading To Results.

All of your marketing initiatives are executed and managed together within our CryptoConnect™ program. This allows our experts to connect marketing mediums together to generate proprietary marketing data for your project ultimately leading to the ability to attract new customers and sustained growth.

Capabilities of CryptoConnect™

CryptoConnect™ is a digital marketing platform designed to make your job easier. Custom built, in-house, by our team; we combined our passion for marketing and cryptocurrencies into one easy-to-use dashboard so you can focus on your goals…not on marketing.

Marketing is often a headache for an organization and dealing with digital marketing agencies can be too. CryptoConnect™ was created to give you an opportunity to focus on the reason you are in business, have all the information you need to execute and learn from previous efforts.

The engine driving CryptoConnect™ uses: research, experimentation, Artificial Intelligence, online and offline channels. It combines this information with your goals, allowing you a full view of the most frustrating obstacles in your business.

Audience Connection

We work collaboratively with our clients to understand your audiences and how to best connect with them using a team of experts with the desire to bring your message to the market through real-world experience analyzing market trends, discovering growth channels, and targeting the audiences.



We utilize a variety of platforms based on your specific target audience to reach them and connect them with your message to increase your brand’s voice and awareness.



We track data from critical places in an effort to both organize and build proprietary information for your project and business. This information is extremely important in developing future marketing decisions and strategies.


Once we achieve your initial milestones and your goals mature, we continue to work with you to expand efforts and grow with you as a true vested partner in your business.

We would love to hear what you’re working on!

Let’s Discuss Your Goals & Ideas.

Digital Currency Market Analysis

Research and analysis is a bedrock of our partnership with your business. We have decades of experience researching complex and dynamic verticals like healthcare, automotive, and finance. Now we are bringing that same philosophy and methodology to the cryptocurrency community. We believe that this technology will disrupt many industries and we are looking to partner with the most exciting projects. Whether you’re a legacy company trying to branch out into this field or an established project solidifying its base, Crypto Launch is ready to help you launch it.

Digital Currency Market Values

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