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Humans are available here at Launchbrand. Simply navigate to the bottom right of your screen and start a chat. Oh, and if you like that chat feature we offer that as well.

Secure Transactions

All our transactions are handled through reputable domain brokers like GoDaddy and Escrow.com. These third-party partners ensure a secure, quick, hassle-free transfer every time. Also, if paid upfront we can push or transfer domains anywhere you’d like within 24 hours.

Reveal The Secret To Success

– Understand These 5 Points:

1. Understand the “clutter” that exists in the world and the need to establish your brand’s MDI (memorable distinctive identity).

2. Understand you likely don’t have a solid MDI, as they are rare. However, as rare as they are, they aren’t difficult to develop if you set your priorities and work with the right team. The difference is everything in the success of a business or project.

3.) Understand this applies to big business and small local businesses alike. Apple, Amazon, and Ikea spend considerable time differentiating their products and business. From Lincoln to local Landscapers, you have competition and you need to give consumers a reason to choose your product, business, or project.

3. Understand that you shouldn’t put the cart before the horse and advertise your business or project before you have a proven MDI (memorable distinctive identity).

4. Understand that differentiating your brand is the most important (and most overlooked) step in development.

5. Understand that this all applies to both new and existing brands. It’s never too late to be original.

Remember This Serious Fact:

Everything (especially the online world) has and will always be over-saturated, and that clutter/stimuli have reached all-time highs. (TV commercials, online commercials, billboards, search ads, social ads, sponsored content, advertorials, and so much more.) Our emails are chock-full of offers, many ignored. The marketing sea level has risen and continues to rise rapidly.

Admit The Problem. You’re Likely Boring:

  • Sorry to be blunt, but we don’t waste time.
  • Most “brands” copy their competition because it is familiar, and they think it’s safe. It’s not. It’s dangerous. The odds of success are low if you are one of many.
  • Most people are scared to put out ideas that others might not like, so they end up duplicating familiarity. Are you scared? Rip the bandaid off and post!
  • Copying is at an all-time high. You can copy an idea concept, maybe. What you cannot copy is brand consistency, strategy, multi-platform integration, and unique/consistent content extensions. This is what a team like Launchbrand does, which makes the difference in success or failure.
  • How do you get out of the sea of sameness? We take you deeper with your thinking and strategy development. We push you outside your shell, and we make an original approach to your project.
  • Admit it. Fix it. Grow.
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